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Individuals can make a claim for rebates on an IR 526 form for:

  • Donations of $5 or more to an approved charity.

  • Payment for childcare or a housekeeper (under certain conditions).

The maximum amount you can claim is:

  • For donations of $1,890 or more your rebate will be $630 from 2003 onwards.

  • For donations of $1,500 or more your rebate will be $500 for 2002 and previous years.

  • If you've paid $940 or more for childcare or a housekeeper, your rebate will be $310.

Rebates can be claimed by individuals (not companies, trusts or partnerships) who:

  • Earned taxable income during the period being claimed for.

  • Were resident in New Zealand at any time during the tax year.

If you claimed a rebate last year, the IRD will automatically send you a rebate claim form in April. Otherwise, you can complete the IR526 form available on the IRD website, print and sign it, attach your receipts and post it to the IRD


Companies are entitled to a deduction for donations made in an income year up to 5% of the company's net income. There are maximum limits available, please talk to us for more information.

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